Big Juicy Appreciation

Who are we?

A group of welcoming lads scouring the land for the crispest and juiciest T of them all. We are students who love socialising, meeting new faces and most importantly, experiencing pub-life to its fullest. We enjoy a drink but understand everybody has limits, thus we retain a responsible and mindful attitude to those around us whilst having a great time.

What do we do?

As a group we aim to organise weekly events (or fortnightly as I imagine weekly could become quite expensive) in which we visit a plethora of local pubs reviewing the establishments and their lager as we proceed. As a society, we are trying to arrange various discounts and offers meaning we will be able to apply them in local pubs and get good deals on drinks. We have high prospects for the future with a keen eye for organising a field trip to the Tennents brewery for a tour in Glasgow, and even hope to plan a ruckus pub crawl in the city too!

Why should I join?

This society will be packed with lots of fun opportunities in which people will be given the chance to socialise, make friends and discover the joys to be had in Aberdeen pub-life. If you’re looking to have a great night-out with a decent bunch of people, this is a good place to start!


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