Disabled Students' Forum

The Disabled Students’ Forum is one of five autonomous liberation campaigns affiliated under the Aberdeen University Students’ Association. Weare here to represent all students who self-identify as disabled in Aberdeen and to advocate for your needs in class as well as at social events.


We have many active campaigns working to make changes to university policy such as the Adaptive Accommodation Campaign to increase awareness of available options for students and allow disabled students to have more agency when it comes to choosing their residence while at uni. We work with support staff and lecturers to provide training in the best practices for including disabled students in their classes.  We are always looking for new members to assist with these campaigns.


We place great importance on nurturing an open and fun community and have a members discord server for sharing art, photos and stories with fellow students as well as hosting regular informal tea events and discussions for you to meet like-minded individuals.

Message our facebook page to keep in contact with us:


or come join our social discord server:




Useful resources

NUS Disabled Students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1505259962902056

TABOU Disability Magazine: https://taboumagazine.com/


Committee Members

Rian-James (Rian) Hiney, Convener , (he/him) 


We have a Facebook group which all self-defining disabled students are welcome to join and get involved! The Disabled Students Forum has a Facebook page and Twitter page which everyone is welcome to like to keep up with our activities and campaigns. Contact us by emailing Disabled.students@ausa.org.uk or messaging us on Facebook.


We run a few campaigns which focus on allowing university staff to hear the student voice with regards to issues that arise with provisions and support during class and inclusion in social events. One such campaign which has been active over recent months is the Accessible Housing campaign. We are currently engaged in a dialogue with the support and accommodation teams at the university to improve the application process and to allow students with disabilities to have more agency over choosing where they want to live while at university. If this is a topic you feel strongly about and would like to help us please contact us through Facebook or drop us an email.