One Young World

Aberdeen Model One Young World Society is a society that focuses on bringing together like-minded individuals who share an interest in current world issues and actively stand for change. The society is modelled upon the annual One Young World global summit, a platform for young leaders worldwide to discuss the most pressing humanitarian issues impacting our world today. The summit has inspired our student body as young leaders also to come together and advocate for the rights of others. We admired the principle of an event which brings together people from many diverse backgrounds with alternative experience to talk on current world issues - specifically the bringing together of young people and this is what we are planning to do!

Each month we plan to take a certain humanitarian topic which is discussed at the Summit and hold a panel discussion with our student cohort as well as external guest speakers. The structure of having discussions on certain topics will allow us to gain a deeper, more focused and educated understanding of such prominent issues in our world.

The society aims to focus on different global issues and gather together all the member's thoughts, ideas and innovative solutions to each of the problems, obtaining a collaborative view and collective solutions. 

Often one can feel helpless when exposed to the many horrifying humanitarian crises around the globe through different media platforms. This society gives us a chance to take proactive and effective action in tackling these problems and standing up for justice for all. Furthermore, having a society which is vocal about what is happening in our world is fundamentally important to ensure that as a student population we are engaged with what is happening around the globe.


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