Knitting and Crochet

The Knitting and Crochet Society is a group of students who are looking to improve or gain a new skill and make some new friends in the process! We foster an environment friendly for both beginners and more advanced individuals. Although the society is centred around crafting, our overall goal is to have a casual space to socialize and participate in an incredibly soothing activity; knitting/crocheting is frequently associated with mental health improvements and is a great way to take your mind off any stressors in your life :)


We hold more structured monthly events (info on our Instagram: @knitabdn) and hold a casual, weekly space from 12-5 in the Crafts Room @ AUSA :)


The money paid to join the society will go towards providing yarn and knitting/crochet needles to anyone in the society, but more specifically to those just beginning who do not already have the materials needed.


To keep updated about our upcoming events and meet some members, join our WhatsApp:


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