The virtue of university lies in the pursuit of knowledge. However, when discussions are constrained by an idea not to offend, and individuals face censorship or even punishment for expressing their ideas freely, the essence of academia begins to erode. Aberdeen's Free Speech Society is dedicated to addressing the problems of censorship on campus. We are a welcoming community that encompasses a broad range of ideologies and opinions. Our goal is to foster open discussions and promote intellectual inquiry.


Our society offers a free forum where we host weekly events. During these gatherings, our members have the opportunity to deliver speeches or presentations on topics of their interest, followed by questions, discussions and drinks afterwards. The environment encourages students to freely express their ideas without the fear of censorship of suppression. Additionally, our society actively seeks to bring external speakers, inviting individuals or organisations to share their ideas with our society.


Whether you identify as left-wing, right-wing or find yourself somewhere in the middle, if you're ready to venture beyond the confines of Plato's cave, we warmly invite you to join the Free Speech Society! Follow us on our social media pages to stay informed about free speech topics on campus and to receive updates on our events for the year.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us!


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