If you are looking to learn how to do your first pull-up, muscle up or handstand we're the club for you.

About us:  

Calisthenics is a new and increasingly popular sport involving various body weight excerises and challenging positions. Not only will you have fun while meeting like minded people, you will also improve your strength, flexibility and overall fitness. Our club is open to everybody who wants to challenge themselves whether you know what a planche is or not.

Our training sessions will take place on campus as well as the new Calisthenics Park built just outside campus. No equipment is required just come a long and we'll get you started.

Training Times for Spring Semester 2024:

Mondays at 16:00 - 17:30 in the Butchart Centre MMA Hall


Look forward to:

  • Trips
  • Intra-uni sessions
  • Competitions 
  • Socials 

We encourage everyone from all backgrounds to come and challenge your ability. If you are a fan of gymnastics, weight lifting or trying something new, Calisthenics is perfect place for you.

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