If you are looking to learn how to do your first pull-up, muscle up or handstand we're the club for you.

Calisthenics is a new and increasingly popular sport where you learn how to manipulate your own body weight to add resistance to an exercise. Our club is open to everybody who wants to challenge themselves.


Throughout the year we have training sessions at the new Calisthenics Park built just outside of campus. No equipment is required just come a long and we'll get you started

We plan to hold annual trips to Edinburgh for large group meet-ups. Being a relativity new sport meet-ups are only held once a year where groups of people get together to show how much they have improved over the year, where advice is swapped and techniques are shared.


We encourage everyone from all backgrounds to come and challenge your ability. If you are a fan of gymnastics, weights or trying something new, Calisthenics will be perfect for you.