We are the Aberdeen Band Society, housing the lively bands Hector Boys and Worlds End.


We originated our musical ventures at the Hillhead Music Room, where our bands initially united for creative purposes. However, our dispersion across Aberdeen has left us without a central hub for practice and collaboration.

Our mission is to bridge this gap by providing a shared space for bands to practice, connect, and showcase their talent. Unlike our former location, this space is open to the entire student community, nurturing an environment where new bands can thrive.

Joining the Aberdeen Band Society grants you access to a broader musical landscape, facilitating connections with fellow musicians. Collaborative music-making is not only enjoyable but also a wellspring of creative inspiration.

Additionally, we recognize the challenges of finding suitable practice spaces, especially if you require equipment like drums. We aim to address this by offering affordable and accessible practice areas, removing barriers to your musical pursuits.

Lastly, our extensive knowledge of the local gig scene positions us as valuable connectors. We can assist you in securing stage time and opportunities to showcase your talents, providing a platform for your musical brilliance to shine. Join us on this musical journey, and let's create outstanding music together!



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