Welcome to one of the newest societies on campus looking to get as many students trained in First Aid as possible!

First Aid is an essential life skill that everyone should have! We believe that everyone should have a well-rounded education, in academia, creativity, and personal skills!

The main aim of the society is to get as many students trained in First Aid as possible, which will be conducted by getting an external first aid trainer in to the university for 1-day courses to get people their Emergency First Aid qualification from ITC First Aid (subject to availability). Once students have their First Aid qualification, it will be encouraged for them to renew it each year.

There will be weekly sessions on varying topics of First Aid, following the St John's and St Andrew's First Aid manuals.

We also want to reach out to the wider community to extend the knowledge around First Aid and how important it is! We are hoping to volunteer with St Andrew’s First Aid!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message on instagram at au_firstaid or email us at firstaid.society@ausa.org.uk!

Memberships must be purchased following the trial session to continue to attend!

See you soon!

Hannah Leonard (President)


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