German Drama

Our German Drama Society aims to bring the wonders of the high German theater to Aberdeen. We seek to present the rich culture of this country to the Students of Aberdeen in an innovative and captivating way. Our society will focus on playing out various German plays on stage throughout the academic year, starting with one this year, in their original language. We will also attempt to accustom students with other forms of German culture through smaller events such as tea evening and speaking events. This club is an opportunity for all interested in acting and linguistics, a way to demonstrate and build immensely upon those skills while simultaneously being immersed in one of the richest cultures Europe has to offer.


The student population will discover the German Club society as a new platform for entertainment and demonstrating personal talent. Both students who are actively interested in taking part in the play and those who want to simply enjoy the show will be able to enjoy themselves. Although there are already two other German clubs that seek to provide the students of UoA with German culture, we believe that our approach provides the most immersive and opportunity creating experience that can be applied to other aspects of the students' lives.


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