Conservative and Unionist Association

We were founded in 1881 - making us one of the oldest societies on campus. Our Honorary President is Andrew Bowie MP.

The bulk of our activity comes from our socials at various pubs. Our most frequent social event is Pint and Policy, where we have a casual discussion about certain policies or political proposals. 

We also go out campaigning with our local MPs, MSPs and Councillors. The 2021 Scottish Parliment election is just around the corner. You can join us if you would like to help to get Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSPs elected, as many of our members will be active in the campaign. 

In addition to this, we plan trips to Holyrood, Westminster and to the annual party conferences. For example, we had a trip to the Scottish Parliament organised for March 26 this year. Unfortunately, this had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, but we aim to host a similar trip in the future (if possible).




Twitter: @autories