We are ESN Aberdeen - the society for the Granite City's Erasmus, International Exchange and Returner Students!

We are focused on ensuring your time in Aberdeen is as memorable as possible and host some of the best events for exchange students around - including seasonal and Scottish cultural events, and of course, the occasional pub-crawl!  

Find out about all our future events on Instagram @esnaberdeen!


Why become a member of ESN Aberdeen?

Buying our membership (which is only £5) will allow you to attend all of our events for free and get discounts (e.g. pubs). You can also purchase an ESNCard (no membership needed) which offers a bunch of amazing discounts both at a local and international level.


What is the ESNCard?

The ESNCard offers a wide range of discounts both locally and abroad (e.g. the famous Ryanair discount gets you 10% off flights and 20kg free luggage!). We will be soon advertising some of the ESNCard's most popular discounts in our social media accounts, so keep an eye on these!

Visit www.esncard.org to learn more about the whole range of discounts you can get with the card! 


How do I get ahold of an ESNCard?

At the moment, you can buy your ESNCard online on this page (see below) or buy it with cash at any of our events. We will let you know in our group chat when you can collect your card. 

Please get in touch via any of our social media accounts to provide us with the details of the delivery or if there is any problem with your purchase.


Enroll with the Buddy Scheme. What is the Buddy Scheme?

Are you an exchange student arriving in the Granite City and are in need of a little guidance in getting set-up here? Or are you a full-time Aberdeen University student wanting to meet and welcome new exchange students?

The Buddy Scheme pairs local with exchange students based on their common interests and personalities. By signing up, our Buddy Coordinator will pair you up with someone who they think you will get along with. You will then have the chance to contact each other and meet in person if you wish to do so. We will also throw social events during the semester to give you the chance to meet and get to know each other better.

The Buddy Scheme can be whatever you make it - language exchange, academic help or friendship!

If you are interested, please sign up on the platform http://buddysystem.eu/en/ and follow the guided steps.

If you have any questions about the Buddy Scheme or about using the platform, e-mail us at esnbuddy19@gmail.com or drop us a message in our social media accounts. 

Any more questions? Get in touch!





President: Mira Rud 

Vice President: Mindi Premarathne

Secretary: Samuel Miranda

Treasurer: Paulina Lupinska

Social Media Coordinator:  Alexandra Matejcikova

Events Coordinators: Celia Mesias

Buddy Coordinator & Wellbeing Officer: Lucia Morato





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