The Aberdeen University Greens aim to promote equality, democracy and environmentalism on campus in accordance with the values and policies of the Scottish Green Party. We provide a space for green students and members of the Scottish Green Party to campaign for green politics, get involved with and learn from green politics at university, city, council, local, national and UK level. We align with the ideologies of green politics, anti-capitalism, climate justice, Scottish independence, Scottish republicanism and pro-Europeanism on a political basis.

We are officially affiliated with the Scottish Young Greens and have voting power in the Scottish Young Greens National Council (where we send two representatives!). We're in government, so join now to get a say in how Scotland is run!

We are AbdnUniGreens on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Send us a message on facebook or email if you'd like to get involved. We welcome everyone and it is not required for you to be a paying member of the Scottish Green Party to join in the fun!


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