Building leadership skills!

At ABES we truly believe in 3 things: Entrepreneurship Boosting, Knowledge Exchange and Mixing and Matching. However, we also truly believe that everyone should learn about the leadership skills which are vital no matter whether you run your own business or participate in the group project as a part of your coursework. That's why we divide our actions into these 3 areas:


Entrepreneurship Boosting- we believe that everyone has the potential to run a successful business, which is why it is our main priority to unlock this potential. It doesn't matter whether you have a solid business plan or if you are still struggling to come up with an idea, we provide a platform where you can share and develop your ideas and build the skills and qualities necessary to succeed in business. We will connect you to your potential business partners, help you out with looking for funding, and all the other necessary actions.


Knowledge Exchage - we know the pain that lack of sufficient knowledge causes sometimes when thinking about starting your own business. That's why we are aiming into creating an ultimate masterclass: "Starting your own business" where we will give you the most hands-on guidance regarding starting new ventures. The masterclass will be prepared by student entrepreneurs, business professionals, academic staff as well as partnering societies from Scottish Entrepreneurship Network. Moreover, we will help you develop your digital skills and promote certain tools that will make your life significantly easier and more convenient. Finally, we are working hard on creating curriculum to develop your leadership and interpersonal skills, introduced in a series of events during the academic year.


Mixing and Matching - collaboration is a key for all the developments. We want to really share that vision with every single one of you. We established a lot of connections with partnering societies both inside and outside the university. ABES was one of the founding partners of Scottish Entrepreneurship Network (University of Edinburgh Entrepreneurs Society, Glasgow University Entrepreneurship Society, St Andrews Entrepreneurs Society). We developed some new agreements with other societies regarding collaboration etc. With the business school and ABVenture Zone we are working closely on developing a new curriculum where student entrepreneurs will be further supported and thinking about your business idea might be part of your academic achievements. 

Join us to start your entrepreneurship journey whilst becoming part of a community of like-minded, enthusiastic, and ambitious young entrepreneurs. 

            As an ABES member you will get:

  • priority access to our events (including pitching workshops, networking events and guest speakers) 
  • priority access to events of our partnering societies via Scottish Entrepreneurship Network
  • access to participate in our competitions with cash prizes ranging from 50 to 500 pounds!
  • access to professional business advisers
  • the opportunity to tap into the entrepreneurial support ecosystem (including Elevator, Scottish Institute for Enterprise, ABVenture Zone, Converge) 
  • access to the Elevator offices
  • guidance with funding applications



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