Aberdeen University Consulting Group

Since its founding in 2018, Aberdeen University Consulting Group (AUCG) has managed to develop its curriculum and increase its outreach on the campus, by engaging students of all disciplinary backgrounds in consulting-related activities. AUCG’s primary focus is to provide a useful and professionally orientated learning experience by developing critical skills for a consulting or related career.


AUCG offers two main programmes to its students:

  1. Career-focused programme running weekly. This includes workshops such as cracking interview case studies, simulations of fit and case interviews, analyzing business frameworks and even mini case competitions.

  2. Advanced study group seeking to prepare and challenge highly capable students to participate in local and international case competitions. The seminars for this programme are focused on demystifying and structuring the cases within competitions. We also guide the students in the process of developing their team working, presentation and other necessary skills to become strong, well rounded candidates for the case competitions. In the past, we have sent students to Case Competitions around the country such as the Scottish Case Competition in Edinburgh and the National Case Competition in London, where our representatives successfully attained the first place.


There are a lot of exciting opportunities planned for this upcoming year! We hope you join our weekly sessions to learn and develop as future consulting professionals, all while having fun and meeting like-minded students around you.


We welcome you to join us every Thursday at 6pm! Details on our sessions and other opportunities will be provided on our social media platforms: