Welcome to the University of Aberdeen Conservation Society! We would like to warmly invite you to join us in our efforts to take care of our planet and its biodiversity. We take action in the form of conservation education and practice.

None of the activities that we do require any previous experience as well, so anyone wishing to contribute, meet great like-minded people and discover new exciting places should definitely join us.

We undertake conservation and community work both within and out of Aberdeen. This has included: assisting Aberdeen Countryside Rangers with invasive plant control, maintenance of community woodland, and pond building to create insect habitats; invasive plant control with the Scottish Invasive Species Initiaitve (SISI); building deer fencing in Cairngorms National Park; beach cleans in various locations; bird ringing; wildlife surveying; tree planting and building wheelchair accessible paths within an RSPB nature reserve.

Our society also makes frequent trips to places of natural beauty, where we go to various places for walks and observe biodiversity. This usually take place on Saturdays or Sundays. Sometimes we also host weekend trips, with one day of volunteering work and hiking on the second day. Each year in April, we also have a five-day trip (previous destinations have included Shetland, Orkney and Mull).

Our other events include social gatherings, movie screenings, wildlife identification sessions and educational talks from wildlife rangers and practicing biologists.

Through these, we hope to spread more awareness about different practices and wish to fuel people’s passions about the wildlife.

We are very inclusive and encourage people from all areas to join us as we love to share perspectives on conservation matters with everyone. We will really cherish every member and provide them with a friendly enriching atmosphere.


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Email: conservation@ausa.org.uk


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