The Aberdeen University Conservative and Unionist Association was established in 1881. It is the third oldest Conservative student association in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest societies on campus. Many influential persona have passed through our ranks including our Honorary President, Andrew Bowie MP (West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine constituency). 

We work with the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Conservative associations. Our members regularly attend events hosted by the Party, most notably the annual Party Conferences. As such, our members are well acquainted with many politicians across the UK including local MPs, MSPs, and Councillors. Last year we attended a dinner with guest speaker and former Prime Minister, Theresa May MP (Maidenhead and Berkshire constituency). 

Our casual events consist of pub meets, breakfasts, and walks around the picturesque Scottish countryside. Pint and Policy, our signature event, is a time for us to meet and discuss relevant political developments across the UK and globally. Our flagship events include our annual Holyrood and Westminster trips to look forward to. We are also assessing the possibility of attending relevant conferences elsewhere within Europe.

Along with our social events and opportunites to meet new people, we also seek to promote active membership as a Young Conservative. Campaigning and volunteering within the Party are some of the fundamental aspects of membership that makes us unique from other societies. This encourages our members to play an active role in the local community and assist our local elected officials in their campaign. Needless to say our efforts are not unnoticed by them! The next election lurks just around the corner, so we can't wait to see you handing out leaflets alongside those who are ready to make the difference.

Whether you're enthusiastic about Conservative politics or a staunch Unionist, we look forward to welcoming friendly discussion and promoting a haven for Young Conservatives on campus.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Notice: You should not join this association, if you hold a membership within another UK political party or are a member of another university association accredited by a political party other than the Conservative Party.


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Twitter: @UoA_Tories




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