The Aberdeen eSports Society is a society dedicated to all things eSports and Competitive Gaming!

To join the Aberdeen eSports Society you need not be a competitor in a popular eSport or even plan to compete.
Whilst our society may be the easiest way to find, or form, a team to represent the university in an esports tournament, many members join us purely for their love of eSports.

Through this society, you can meet like-minded gamers, who enjoy the thrill of competition, whether they are the ones competing or a spectator cheering on their favourite team!


We streamline the process of finding and forming teams to compete in University gaming leagues (such as NUEL and NSE), alongside providing a platform to meet other students interested in the sport!

Additionally, our society hosts eSports and competitive gaming-related events! For example, members-only eSports viewing sessions, Steam/XBOX/PlayStation wallet fund & Game CD-Key raffles and general social gatherings, where you can put away the mouse and keyboard, mute your microphone, and engage in real-world fun with your fellow gamers - hanging out with a group of people equally passionate over one of your favourite hobbies. What's not to love?

Furthermore, even if you are not a dedicated competitive gamer, we have still have something to offer, such as the aforementioned in-person social events and other, more casual, game nights!



The Aberdeen eSports Society is the best way to experience eSports and Competitive Gaming here at the University of Aberdeen.

Our society offers you, as a member, the opportunity to interact with and befriend other students you might never have met otherwise, we additionally streamline the process of finding others to game and compete with - making forming teams easy! The society is run and managed by a dedicated team of competitive gamers - here to make your life easier by handling tedious administrative tasks, alongside providing you with the most enjoyable eSports-focused experience possible. Furthermore, we offer a unique blend of in-person and online events which are sure to make your year at Aberdeen that bit more entertaining!


  • Discord: https://discord.gg/ZTxMFQKjgX
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aberdeenesportssociety/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087243021036
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABDNEsportsSoc


If casual gaming and board games interest you, check out our good friends over at the 'Casual Games Society' https://www.ausa.org.uk/societies/society/augs/


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