AUFBC is a society aimed at building an understanding of the technological disruption affecting the financial industry and the world itself, with the main focus toward financial and blockchain technology. Every week we aim to discuss topics that are hand-picked to expand knowledge, encourage forward-thinking and broaden horizons. One of the most important aspects of our society is we understand that we can't know it all, which is why contributions are encouraged from all students, regardless of their level of expertise. If you wanna skip the rest of this rambling then check out our Facebook page for more info.


Are you ready to join the Digital Revolution?


In broad terms, we aim throughout the year is to foster thought diversity, commercial awareness, prospective sight and an understanding of the job market. More specifically, we give regular talks on subjects we think will benefit these aims the most. These topics aren't the only things we'll cover though, throughout the year we'll have guest speakers coming in from different parts of the country and (even the world!) to give us talks and further insight on the problems we look at.


With all that said and done, what will you get out of the society? As an attendee, you'll get to see talks from ourselves and guest speakers, made with content backed by reputable sources, with the opportunity to engage with like-minded people to share your thoughts and ideas. And to those who are members, you will receive access to all the materials we use throughout the year, includibg recordings of our more notable talks. So what are you waiting for, join now!

(Note | For members who want to access the material of a specific week's topic, please use the links below.)




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