Lawyers without Borders.

Lawyers without Borders Student Division at Aberdeen University is a student society that seeks to assist the parent organisation, Lawyers without Borders, and other NGOs by:

  • undertaking research projects from the Lawyers without Borders Parent Organisation as well as NGOs that require legal help. By participating members can strengthen and hone their research, collaboration and teamwork skills and have their names attached to research reports used by LWOB and other NGOs. We encourage students from all degree programmes with an interest in human rights, access to justice and the rule of law to join.
  • raising funds for both our society and the Parent Organisation in order to provide pro bono lawyers with resources to aid those in need. We organise a range of events, social and academic, most significantly our annual Human Rights Conference on a relevant human rights topic.
  • raising awareness on human rights issues across campus by organising an annual Human Rights Conference and holding other significant events throughout the year.

Lawyers without Borders (LWOB) is a global group of volunteer lawyers from around the world who offer pro bono service to rule of law projects, capacity building and access to justice initiatives. For more information on the work that Lawyers without Borders undertakes, please visit their website: 


"AULWOB is a fantastic club which allows you to learn so much, not only about legal research and writing which you already can start as soon as you join even in your first year, but about collaboration, planning events and organising every detail that goes in a big conference." - Nya Gnaegi (AULWOB President 2020/21)

"I highly recommend joining Lawyers Without Borders, it was definetly the highlight of my university experience" - Hannah Baigrie (AULWOB President 2019/20)

"I would definitely recommend getting involved in the club. I started off in the research division which was great because I got to work on really interesting research projects way earlier than you would do that in your classes, and I got to learn a lot from older law students which was very helpful later on." - Anna-Sophie Tirre (AULWOB President 2017/18 and Vice-President 2018/19)


Don't hesitate to contact us via:




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