Welcome back, everyone! 

This September we are back and ready to be the best activists we can be this academic year! We many events planned for this year already, that all coincide with the campaigns we will be focusing on. For the coming weeks, we are focusing on #SecondHandSeptember - a campaign examining how the textile industry and fast fashion is impacting our climate and even exploiting particular workers. Join us on September 22nd for our freshers event to take part in an online quiz about this campaign and to meet the committee, learn about our society and how you can get involved! We are fully affiliated with Oxfam International, this comes with many benefits such as exclusive training and awareness days, talks with fellow activists and access to a wider student support network that spans across the U.K. 


Membership is £2 for the entire year! 

Buying our membership will give you access to a more behind the scenes look at how we plan and organise our campaigns, members meetings supported by our Oxfam student activist organiser, training days and much more. We encourage all our members to participate in the planning and executing process of our actions, we would love you to be involved!