At the Aberdeen University Filmmaking Society, anyone who is interested in film production can learn and share skills through our workshops, exercises and projects that will take place over the course of the academic year. You will have a chance to pitch ideas and get involved in all aspects of filmmaking with the rest of the society.

Joining AUFS is a great opportunity for anyone who loves film, no matter what your experience level is, and our society has access to filmmaking equipment so you don't need your own personal equipment to join. Once you get a membership, you get access to a variety of our equipment which you will then be able to book through the "equipment booking" section of our website.

Members receive discounted access to various events held throughout the year, including local film screenings and the Glasgow Film Festival. In addition to this, you can get discounts on food and drink at selected venues across Aberdeen. 

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through one of our social media pages or via email, or by following the link below.


2023/2024 AUFS Committee

President: Karim Hurtig

Vice-President: Will Cozens

Treasurer: Finn Hanley

Secretary: Dan McCollum

Events Coordinator: Eva Moore

Social Media Manager: Rian Stubbs

Workshop Planner: Yasmin Selway

Equipment Manager: Shreenivasan Muthukrishnan

First-Year Representative: Ruth Philip


Upcoming events of 23/24

Short Film Workshop on 7.11. at 6pm

Games Night on 21.11.

Xmas Social on 28.11

Glasgow Film Festival in March 2024


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