“We are the Aberdeen University Czech and Slovak Society, a student-run organization, and since 2013 we organize various social events, workshops and meetings that commonly offer a way to socialize, engage in numerous leisure activities and have a drink/bite together.

Our mission is to represent our amazing culture in the university environment and establish a purposeful social background for everyone taking part in the society. We aim to provide opportunities for our members to live up to their potential at the social, academic and professional level, support them to enhance their student life experience and contribute to the cultural diversity at the university.

Membership of our society will provide you with various benefits like discounted entries, free snacks or similar at our events. It will also automatically put you on our mailing list so that you will receive email notifications every time there is something going on.

At the moment, we focus on creating more substantial events that are international and open for everyone. And also quite a fun. :) Come and join us, get involved, share and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@ausaczsksoc) to stay up to date about what’s on!”



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