The Engineering Society is a vibrant and inclusive community that unites engineers of all ages and disciplines. Our mission is to create a powerful network force, fostering connections that transcend professional boundaries. We believe in the strength of collaboration and aim to provide a platform where engineers can thrive, both socially and professionally.


At the core of our society's objectives is the creation of a robust networking and social platform. We achieve this through a variety of engaging events, highlighted by the Annual Engineering Ball and exciting trips. These occasions provide not only an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment but also serve as catalysts for meaningful connections among engineers.


In addition to social events, we actively work towards establishing professional networks between students and esteemed engineering organisations. This strategic networking offers substantial benefits to your career, allowing you to interact with potential employers, gain insights from experienced professionals, and explore diverse engineering disciplines.


For first and second-year members, the society provides a unique chance to engage in lectures with future professors. This exposure aids in clarifying career paths and making informed decisions about which engineering discipline to specialise in.


Joining the Engineering Society comes with a multitude of benefits:


Social Connection:

Socialise with like-minded individuals who share your passion for engineering.

Create lasting friendships and connections that extend beyond the academic realm.


Mentorship and Support:

Establish a support network within the society, offering guidance and advice from older members.

Navigate your academic and professional journey with the wisdom of those who have gone before you.


Career Development:

Gain exclusive access to lectures and events that connect you with professionals in your field.

Clarify your career goals and explore various engineering disciplines with confidence.


Members-Only Updates:

Stay informed about upcoming social events and trips through our exclusive WhatsApp group chat.

Receive timely updates on opportunities, industry insights, and relevant news.  

By joining the Engineering Society, you become part of a dynamic community that values collaboration, personal growth, and the shared passion for engineering. Seize the chance to enhance your university experience and future career by becoming a member of our diverse and supportive society!


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