Hello everybody!

Welcome to the In Good Company Society. We get it - meeting new people in University can be a tad overwhelming.

That’s why we have created a safe space where our goal is to provide a space for every student to meet up, enjoy some fun activities and make meaningful connections! 

Get ready for a variety of events hosted by our awesome society. Think craft nights to spark your creativity, laid-back picnics, and sprinkling in some extra fun with city pub crawls! We’re all about positive energy, and making your University journey more enjoyable and we look forward to meeting you! 


Check out our link tree for more information - https://linktr.ee/ingoodcompanyuoa

Send any questions over to our email - ingoodcompany@ausa.org.uk


Our lovely committee members!

Co-presidents - Evelyn Bayerlein + Emily McKay

Treasurer - Ellie Macleod

Secretary - Tegan Mowat



"I'm coming to an event on my own and I am feeling nervous. What should I do?"

We understand that attending events alone can be a bit nerve - wracking. Feel free to reach out on our Facebook or Instagram and we'll make sure you're warmly welcomed at our events!

"Are there non - drinking or alcohol - free events avaliable within the society?" 

We completely get that not everyone may want to join events where alcohol is involved. We've got you covered with options like alcohol -free nights out, cosy arts and crafts evenings, a whole array of activities! 



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