Hello everybody!

Welcome to the In Good Company Society. We get it - meeting new people in University can be a tad overwhelming.

That’s why we have created a safe space where our goal is to provide a space for every student to meet up, enjoy some fun activities and make meaningful connections! 


Check out our link tree for some more info - https://linktr.ee/ingoodcompanyuoa

Send any questions or suggestions over to our email - ingoodcompany@ausa.org.uk


Our lovely committee members!

President - Emily McKay

Treasurer - Ellie Macleod

Secretary - Tegan Mowat

Wellbeing officer - Aaliyah Robertson


"I'm coming to an event on my own and I am feeling nervous. What should I do?"

We understand that attending events alone can be a bit weird. Feel free to reach out on our Facebook or Instagram and we'll make sure you're warmly welcomed at our events!



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