Now you've run away from home, it's clearly time to join the circus! Want to learn to juggle? Get into aerials? Play with poi and diabolo? No experience necessary! Come and have a go at anything you've ever fancied! Learn new skills and have fun!

(Shh.. Don’t tell anyone but we do play with fire…)


Why should I join you?

Uh.. good question... if you hate learning new, weird and wonderful skills, making friends and challenging your physical ability, this might not be the best society for you..

If however, you have always been interested in wanting to juggle, or do magic tricks, or ride a unicycle, or get paid to spin fire around (safely AUSA, don't worry), then come along!

We train twice a week

Monday 15:00-17:00 and

Friday 19:00-20:30

at Butchart Recreation Centre.

If you're a beginner feel free to come along! We're planning on teaching several beginners workshops at the start of every term!


So what else do you do?

  • Aerials and acrobatics are taught in collaboration with Inverted. As a society member you'll currently receive 45% discount of all their classes and you will also be able to attend private workshops they organize for the society. Find out more about their classes at (TBC)

  • We do paid and charity fire and LED performances, teach juggling workshops and more!

  • And on top of all that, we're a friendly bunch! we host regular society socials and even attend international Circus conventions together!


Any Questions?

Contact us for details!

Email us at
Find us on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram!
AU Circus Society - YouTube
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