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As a group we are committed to furthering the knowledge and appreciation of our national drink through events, distillery tours, whisky tasting sessions and anything else that comes to mind. While we primarily focus on Scottish whisky, we also showcase different international whiskies or regions which particularly impressed us.  

We meet regularly for tastings in which we will have a range of whiskies available to try. For our public tastings we try to have a wide range to cater to all different kind of tastes, while for our members-only tastings we will specifically choose a range of whiskies related to the topic of the tasting, may it be about a specific aspect of whisky production or about a whisky region. Most of our tasting will also feature a presentation about a whisky-related topic from one of our committee members. 

Distillery tours are possibly the best way to learn about the production and tradition of whisky, therefore we aim to have two trips per term to different distilleries, especially because we are only an hours drive away from the famous Speyside region.

Every February we organise a big festival in Elphinstone Hall, where we have a huge range of whiskies available to try, live music and sometimes even invite distillery representatives to present their products.

In 2011-2012 we were awarded Best Society of the Year.


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