Mary’s meals is a Scottish-based charity dedicated to providing children in developing countries with education and nutritious food. It takes as little as £15.90 to feed a child for the whole academic year- but we need your help! Mary's Meals runs a feeding program in these developing countries where children recieve a daily meal in their place of education. This brings children off of the streets and into the classroom. Food+School=Hope.

When it costs so little to feed and educate a child there are many things you can do to help us give a child what they deserve. 

Throughout the academic year we hold bake sales, pub quizzes, ceilidhs and each semester hold a sponsored event (including a sponsored cycle of 2527 km from Dalmally to Bosnia during the course of a week and living off rice and beans for a week). 

We are a small but dedicated charity and the bigger we grow the more we are able to do to ensure that the most vulnerable children in the world escape poverty and have the chance they deserve in life. 

Currently, Mary's Meals feeds and educates over 2 million children worldwide everyday- help us increase this, help us make a difference!

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