The Maths Society is a fun and friendly society. As a society, we aim to provide balance to university life by giving you opportunities to meet new people, explore new subjects and just relax and have fun! 

Here at the Maths Society, we aim to run a variety of events so that whether you’re looking to explore parts of maths you haven’t heard about before or just for a space to relax - we’ve got something for you!

Maths Club is a weekly event that consists of an hour-long talk given by a lecturer or PhD student from the University. After the talk, there is also the chance to ask questions and discuss the topic further. For maths students, Maths Club is a great way to explore topics that you might not come across in your lectures. For students studying other subjects, Maths Club provides a brilliant opportunity to explore the subject in a less formal setting.

We also hold regular socials and while they might look a bit different from previous years some events that we have in the works for 2023-2024 include quizzes, talks, competitions and our annual Pi Day celebration. Make sure you check out our Facebook page for more information about our events and how to access them.

Being part of the Maths Society is not only a fantastic way to interact with fellow classmates but also students who are further along in their degree as well as the lecturers and PhD students who may be teaching you. All of this means that joining the Maths Society is a great way to become a part of the maths department and the wider University community.

Here's a link to our video on Facebook that answers some important questions!

If you have any further questions, you can contact us via email at, our instagram page, or our discord server.

We look forward to seeing you soon!