Aims and Objectives

Our Society aims to provide a platform for student body to socialise, connect and celebrate various Pakistani cultural events and traditions. Additionally, the society also welcome students from diverse backgrounds to educate and involve them about Pakistani cultural values and norms, whilst experiencing it.

Regular events will be hosted by the society, which includes: social & charitable events, movie nights and cultural events. Also, annual sightseeing trips around UK. Lastly, the society also plans to celebrate Pakistani cultural events during term time such as, Basant Kite Festival. 

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Social Media Platform

Join our Facebook page and group to stay in touch with the members.

Pakistan Society Facebook Group

Pakistan Society Facebook Page


Committee Members

President - Amna Azhar

Vice President - Hafsah Alliem 

Secretary - Sadia Azhar

Treasurer -  Anas Farouqi

Events Officer 1 - Adnaan Nadeem

Events Officer 2 - Amina Tahir 

Social media officer - Anisah Rasul

Graphics designer - Amina Tahir