Photography is a creative skill used to produce art and document the world around us.
Aberdeen University Photography Society exists to create an enjoyable and engaging environment to practice photography, socialise and support the community.
Fancy starting up photography?
Perhaps you want to develop your skills even further?
Anyone can join our society, and you can join for photography itself or to network with people and make new friends.
We meet up on a fortnightly basis to do activities that include: macro, landscape, and event photography, trips, workshops, movie nights, pub socials, one-to-one camera support and more.
Together, we provide a forum in which to discuss and share not only photos, but also styles and ideas with other members and the community. If however, you have other ideas for outings or events, or want to collaborate, please get in contact.

- Join our photo competitions and get the chance to win great prizes!
- Use our equipment, this includes cameras, flashes, tripods and more.
- Gain access to our Messenger chat where we share post-workshop notes, tips and tricks, and take part in a friendly community of fellow Photography Society members that will help you with anything photo related or otherwise :)
2023/2024 Committee:
- President:  Clive Davies
- Vice President: Gustave Monier
- Treasurer: Alisha Andani
- Secretary: Joe Payne
- Events Coordinator: Lara Nicolis
- Workshop Planner: Kieren Ridley
- Social Media Officer: Magdalena Klimekova
- Event Photography Coordinator: Jagoda Grochowska
- First-Year Rep: Mark Edge


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