“What is energy transition?”

Simply put, energy transition is the term given to the societal shift from fossil-fuel dependency to sustainable energy use in the face of the current climate crisis. It differs from concepts like renewable energy, and addresses the wider, often overlooked challenges that we face as a society moving toward a low carbon future, rather than simply the technical ones.

For instance, as engineers put forward better and more cost effective forms of renewable energy, what happens as the oil & gas industry declines? What about all those who will lose employment because of it? The problem then becomes a social one, at which point business owners, lawyers and politicians must step in to ensure the correct frameworks and policies are in place to protect livelihoods. This is only one example of many which demonstrate the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing the energy related challenges we face as a society.

“What is the Society for Energy Transition?”

The SET is a student body formed with the purpose of conducting interdisciplinary networking, research, development, education and training relating to the challenges of the energy transition. It also acts as a community for those who want to socialise and have fun with likeminded people, as well as a hub for wider public awareness and engagement with all things energy transition.





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