University of Aberdeen Renewable Energy Society (UARES)

University of Aberdeen Renewable Energy Society also known as UARES is a student-run society which promotes the use of clean energy and upcoming renewable energy opportunities not only in Aberdeen but throughout Europe. The promotion of clean sources of energy is achieved by but not limited to, hosting regular meetings, events, balls, fundraisers, investments, research and charity projects.

The aims of the society are to:

  • To foster a climate of environmental awareness and the role renewable energy plays to achieve the twin goals of environmental sustainability and energy independence.
  • Provide a social forum for those interested in renewable energy.
  • To organise team building events to improve member’s teamwork skills.
  • To provide members with links and exposure to the industry.
  • To organise and host guest lectures related to the industry.
  • To encourage members to take a more active role in the industry.
  • To organise and host regular social gatherings and events.
  • To provide members with the non-academic skills and experience required to develop their careers in the industry.


If you would like to know more about the opportunities in this emerging industry please do not hesitate to contact: Hamza Rashid