NUS Referendum 2021

Should AUSA continue to be affiliated to the National Union of Students? - The 'Yes' case


Remain part of Scotland's student movement, campaigning to extend and defend students' rights:

  • No detriment policies so students aren't academically disadvantaged
  • Better financial support for students experiencing hardship
  • Better student mental health services

What has NUS won for you this year?

  • £1,028,609 this year to address mental health, student hardship and digital poverty at the University of Aberdeen
  • The right for students to end leases early during the pandemic

Why vote for Yes?

  • We campaign on your local issues and represent you at Holyrood, Westminster and in national media
  • NUS provides networking events, training courses and opportunities for students, including to support societies
  • AUSA is part of the wider student movement - backed up by the collective voice of 500,000 students
  • NUS campaigns on Liberation issues, fighting for human rights and the decolonisation of education"