Your Representation at AUSA


Student Leaders

AUSA is led by five Student Leaders, Sabbatical Officers, who are democratically elected from the student body each year to work in paid full-time roles. The Officers for 2017/2018 are Student President Lawson Ogubie, Education Officer Donna Connelly, Communities Officer Lewis MacLeod, Sports Officer Emma Lister and Welfare Officer Kendall Smith. The elections are normally held in March.


Student Council

Student Council is the main representative body of students at the University, and it is responsible for decision-making and setting AUSA’s direction through policy. The Council consists of the members of eight (Standing) Committees and some representatives from Liberation and Section Forums. The Councillors are often elected toward the end of the second semester.


Executive Committee

Executive Committee consists of Sabbatical Officers, Chairs of Committees and representatives from some Liberation and Section Forums. The Executive Committee is responsible for implementation of policy.



AUSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides a chance for students to learn about the achievements of AUSA and their elected Student Officers during the previous academic year. AGM also is an opportunity to vote on amendments to the Constitution and discuss motions to help set AUSA’s direction.


Class Reps

Class Reps are volunteers who voice comments, concerns and questions about their course or degree programme. Class Reps foster dialogue between staff and students, working together with staff, for example, at Student-Staff Liaison Committee meetings.



NUS (National Union of Students) is a voluntary membership organisation that supports its member students' unions and associations. NUS works nationally, influencing decision-making and campaigning on relevant student issues. AUSA sends delegates to annual NUS UK Conference and NUS Scotland Conference where new NUS leaders are voted upon.