Enough Is Enough

Ivana Drdáková, AUSA VP for Welfare said: "The measures against drink spiking that should be implemented are a part of a wider campaign we are leading on. We have already communicated with local nightclubs’ owners and managers. We’ve also released a petition with our requests, including implementation of zero tolerance policies against abuse, drink covers and training for staff. Within our own premises, we will be conducting training for the staff and consider what other safety measures we can implement to make sure students are safe."


Recent increase in spiking incidents in clubs all over UK and 15 cases in Aberdeen alone (as reported by BBC) calls for urgent action to try and minimise it.

We created a petition addressed to Aberdeen club owners and managers with requests based on feedback from you, our students. We feel like actions taken by the clubs can make a huge difference. Club owners and managers - you have a huge role to play to keep our community safe.

Sign the petition here.