Right Your Rent

This year hasn’t been easy for many students, and at various points throughout the year, Aberdeen University Students' Association (AUSA)Robert Gordon Students' Union (RGU:Union), and NESCol Students' Association (NESCol SA) have been contacted by students, mainly those living within private halls, who have been treated unfairly by private landlords.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been providing support around accommodation to students on an individual basis – as well as working with NUS Scotland to feedback on these issues at a Scottish Government level.

Now we’ve joined forces with RGU:Union and NESCol SA to launch Right Your Rent.


What is Right Your Rent?

Right Your Rent is a joint campaign run by AUSARGU:Union and NESCol SA which aims to support students living in private halls or private rented accommodation.

The campaign builds on the successes of the independently-run accommodation campaigns (our #RefundTheRent campaign and RGU:Union's LiveRight campaign) and aims to ensure that student tenants are actively represented, their voices are heard and that the rights of student tenants are promoted and protected.

To do this we aim to improve access to information and advice on the rights of student tenants, as well as lobbying to make change that benefits student tenants in Aberdeen.


How are we doing this?

We will ensure resources are provided for up to date accommodation advice and support, including key contacts, template letters and media, and which will be held on the AUSA website, RGU:Union website and on social platforms for NESCol SA, and, where necessary, have input from organisations such as Shelter Scotland, NUS Scotland and any other relevant parties.

We also aim to provide access to expert advice from organisations such as Shelter Scotland and the association’s respective institution’s accommodation departments and advisory services.

We’ll also work together to lobby local PBSA providers, as well as work with NUS Scotland to ensure that students views are fed into the upcoming Scottish Government Review into the Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Providers (private halls).


How can you get involved?

  1. Visit the AUSA website – we have FAQs, the latest legislation explained 

  1. Share your experiences – if you would like to publicly share your experience with PBSA, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from students who would like to share their story to help us lobby PBSAs to do right by the students.  

  1. Follow AUSA social media channels – as the campaign progresses, there will be lots of opportunities to get involved as we lobby for change. 

To find out more about this campaign, or if you have any questions, contact RGU:Union President (Communication & Democracy), AUSA Vice President for Welfare or NESCol SA Regional President.