There are nine committees that are chaired by members of Executive Committee.

Members of the committees are elected and any current student may nominate themselves. The elections are normally organised twice a year, at the end of the second semester and at the beginning of the first semester.

  • Community Committee

    Community Committee: Organising campaigns and initiatives on community issues, bridging the ap between students and the wider Aberdeen community.

  • Education Committee

    We're at the heart of student representation within the University - committed to supporting students and making sure you get the most out of you degree.

  • Environment & Ethics Committee

    The Environment and Ethics committee co-ordinates campaigns and projects around sustainability and ethical concerns at the University and in the local community!

  • Equality Forum Conveners

    Equality forums are open to many, but not all, students. Please ensure before you try to join that you are a member of the target group - if you aren't sure what that means, please ask.

  • Foresterhill Committee

    Foresterhill, where medics, nurses, PAs, dentists and biomed/sports/medical sciences rule!

  • RAG Committee

    Our Raising and Giving team fundraise for local charities and have done for over 125 years!

  • Societies Union Committee
  • Sports Union Committee
  • Welfare Committee