Communities Committee

The remit of the Communities Committee is:

  • Promote and support the development of volunteering opportunities to improve community engagement amongst the Student Body with the wider Community. 
  • Campaign on community issues such as, but not limited to affordable transport and provision of community spaces in partnership with other Aberdeen institutions, initiatives, and community groups. 
  • Promote the relationship between AUSA and local schools – both Primary and Secondary – with the aim to widen access to education and encourage a close relationship between students and the young people of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 
  • Develop cross-institutional strategies with other students’ unions to promote student inclusion across Aberdeen.
  • Consider issues amongst the Old Aberdeen Community Council (OACC) and the impact this may have on students.


The Communities Committee 2021-2022 is chaired by the Vice President for Communities, Camilo Torres-Barragán, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair of Communities: Anttoni James Numminen
  • First Year Representative: Vacant
  • Foresterhill Representative: Vacant
  • Transport Officer: Vacant
  • Ordinary members (x4):  Christina Schmid, Matthew Angell, Maria Bibiloni and Astrid Offersen
  • Student President
  • Vice-President for Sport
  • Societies Union Chair: Rami Jerrow
  • RAG Chair
  • Qatar Campus Representative: Eman Hassan

Committee Minutes 

There are no minutes available at this time.