Education Committee

The remit of the Education Committee is:

  • Ensure appropriate representation of students with the university on all matters relating to academic affairs
  • Elect from its members eleven students to the University Senate, including at least one postgraduate student
  • Responsible for the dissemination of all information on matters relating to education
  • Development of association policy on education

The Education Committee 2018-2019 is chaired by the Education Officer, Donna Connelly, and is made up of the following members:


Vice-Chair Education Ondrej Kucerak
First Year Member Vacant
School of Biological Sciences Rep Kyle Graham
School of Business Rep Alexandra Vodentzis
School of Dentistry Rep Vacant
School of Divinity, History and Philosophy Rep Kate Richie-Lawless
School of Education Rep Shona Littlejohn
School of Engineering Rep Vacant
School of Geosciences Rep Thomas Theurer
School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture Rep Ivana Drdakova
School of Law Rep Lauren Bacon
School of Medical Sciences Rep Robyn Chowdhury
School of Medicine Rep Vacant
School of Natural and Computing Sciences Rep Jake Lumsden
School of Psychology Rep Jasmine Paneva
School of Social Science Rep Mie Jensen
Qatar Campus Representative Chahel Naresh
Online Student Representative Vacant
Distance-Learning Student Representative Vacant