How are Discipline Representatives elected?

Students can nominate themselves without a proposer for election via MyAberdeen using the quiz function.

What is the remit of the Discipline representatives?

Generally, the remit of our Discipline representatives is:

  • to act as a key liaison between the student cohort and the school staff;
  • to collect relevant comments, feedback, opinions, and suggestions from their fellow students and communicate them to the staff, either through the relevant Staff-Student Liaison/Consultative Committee (SSLC), in person, or through the School Officers;
  • to represent the opinions and concerns of their fellow students at a discipline level as and when required;
  • to make recommendations on any matter relating to the content, structure, teaching method, or method of assessment of their disciplines;
  • to consider proposals for new or amended modules or programmes and provide feedback, comments, and recommendations;
  • to review the results of student questionnaires and discuss these at SSLC meetings.

Do Class Representatives sit on any discipline committees other than Student/Staff Committees and how many times per year do the committees meet?

Working with schools, Discipline Representatives usually only sit on the discipline Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC), which generally meet once per semester. Occasionally Discipline Representatives will be asked to consider issues out with the SSLC meetings. In some disciplines, the Discipline Representatives and the School Officer are asked to sit in on Programme Board meetings for certain agenda items.

The School Officer meets with the Discipline and Class representatives at least once per academic session and this is a meeting to bring up school-wide issues, develop constructive ways to solve issues and present reports to the Teaching & Learning Committees. Representatives are encouraged to liaise with the School Officer and Education Committee as often as possible as they attend School Committee meetings, and can pass on any comments or issues on behalf of the student body.

Who is responsible for leading the discipline staff/student meetings?

In some disciplines, the Staff-Student Liaison Committees are convened by a member of staff or the School Officer. It is possible for the School Officer to support the Discipline Reps in this way to help maximise the student feedback. The agenda and discussion can sometimes be driven by the students themselves, with the support of staff if required. Generally, the minutes are taken by a member of staff, but in some disciplines, the students are encouraged to undertake this themselves.