Environment & Ethics Committee

The remit of the Environment & Ethics Committee is:

  • Raise awareness of issues around environmental and social justice, and campaign on these issues

  • Develop Environmental and Ethical policy, with approval from Student Council

  • Support and develop student-led environmental activities and initiatives

  • Hold the University to account over its own Environmental policies and its implementation of said policies

  • Represent issues around Environment and Ethics at relevant platforms both locally and nationally, as well as through the AUSA democratic structures

  • Feed into national campaigning groups and organisations, such as People and Planet and Friends of the Earth


The Environment & Ethics Committee 2018-2019 is chaired by the Communities Officer, Lina Nass, and is made up of the following members:

 Foresterhill Member  Lilia Delgado
 Fossil Free Cordinator  Joseph Huttich
 Ordinary Member  Julia Pohjakallio
 Ordinary Member  Jonathan Walters
 Ordinary Member  Julie Fojtu
 Ordinary Member  Alisa Koester
 Ordinary Member  Melanie Olesk
 Ordinary Member  Chiara Gjostol
 Vice-Chair  Louise Henrard
 Waste Officer  Lasse Melgaard
 First Year Rep  Eleonora Monaci
 Shared Planet Representative  Darja Strasser
 The Corner Representative  Agata Kostrzewa
 Swap Shop Representative  Nathalie Nijs


Aberdeen Green Guide

The Environment and Ethics Committee 2017/18 and 2018/19 have worked on this guide to give you all sorts of tips and tricks about a sustainable lifestyle in Aberdeen. You can learn everything about Recycling in the city, a long list with ongoing campaigns and projects and an interactive map with vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Check out our Facebook page fb.com/AUSAeande/ for more information!