Environment & Ethics Committee

The remit of the Environment & Ethics Committee is:

  • Raise awareness of issues around environmental and social/systematic justice, and campaign on these issues.

  • Support and develop student-led environmental activities and initiatives. 

  • Hold the University to account for its own Environmental and Ethical policies and its implementation of said policies. 

  • Represent issues around Environment and Ethics at relevant platforms, both locally and nationally, as well as through AUSA’s democratic structures. 

  • Feed into national campaigning groups and organisations, such as but not limited to, People and Planet and Friends of the Earth.


Aberdeen Green Guide

The Environment and Ethics Committee 2017/18 and 2018/19 have worked on this guide to give you all sorts of tips and tricks about a sustainable lifestyle in Aberdeen. You can learn everything about Recycling in the city, a long list with ongoing campaigns and projects and an interactive map with vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Check out our Facebook page fb.com/AUSAeande/ for more information!