Equality Forum Conveners

Equality forums are open to many, but not all, students. Please ensure before you try to join that you are a member of the target group - if you aren't sure what that means, please ask.

About this committee

Here in Aberdeen we have a diverse and vibrant student body. We're also aware that we don't live in a perfectly equal society. Our forums are designated safe spaces for student groups who have unique sets of needs or face particular barriers to organise, support each other, and campaign to make our campus inclusive and representative. There is no membership fee for any of the forums!

Disabled Students Forum: Over 1000 Aberdeen University students self-define as disabled. Further to this only 8% of people with a disability use a wheelchair. Very often you may have no idea if a friend has a disability. That's why it's so important we fight to make sure the University is providing disabled students with the support they need! This is a platform for self-defining disabled students to raise issues, support each other and campaign!

LGBTQ* Forum: A safe space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Queer (LGBTQ) people at the University of Aberdeen.  The forum aims to campaign on LGBTQ issues, raise awareness, hold events, fundraisers and socials.

Race and Ethnicity Forum: A safe space for all students who self-identify as (inclusive but not exclusive to) Asian, Arab, African and Chinese heritage at the University of Aberdeen. We aim to campaign, hold events and open up discussions important to students.

Women's Forum: A space for self-defining women to disucss any issues women face, for example the ridiculous 5% tax on sanitary products, how to make women feel more empowered, and tackling sexism on campus.

The International Students' Forum: We welcome overseas fellow students to events specially designed for them, where an international-friendly environment is facilitated. Feel free to come and ask for any advice!


To get involved contact the President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities:

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