Societies Union Committee

The remit of the Societies Union Committee is:

  • Promote the activities of Societies.
  • The Vice-Chair shall be responsible for liaising with other interest groups, increasing cross-collaboration and engagement.
  • Make decisions regarding Affiliations, Re-affiliations, and the Disaffiliationof Societies. 
  • Work with the International Students’ Forum to support and advise national Societies. 
  • Make decisions regarding the disbursement of funds to Societies.
  • To organise, promote, and vote on the Societies Awards.  
  • Working with the Welfare Committee to safeguard the welfare of members.
  • Ensure representation of students in the development and implementation of the Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure members adhere to the Societies’ Union Handbook, all Byelaws, and the Constitution.  
  • Support AUSA in the development of active and sustainable Societies. 
  • Represent the interests of AUSA Societies to Student Council and to members of AUSA through relevant platforms.


The Societies Union Committee 2021-2022 is chaired by Rami Jerrow, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair: Glen Agutu
  • First Year Representative: Oliver Boyd
  • Postgrauate Representative: Vacant
  • Foresterhill Representative: Vacant
  • Qatar Representative: Paul Senoyuit
  • Ordinary members (x4): Tony McIlwraith, Marco Oosthuizen, Nirvan Abedi, and Edward Stewart

 In-Attendence membership: 

  • Vice-President for Communities
  • AUSA Representative (Staff)
  • Qatar Campus Representative: Vacant
  • International Students’ Forum Convener: Ma'en Al-Tayyem

Committee Minutes 

There are no minutes available at this time.