Societies Union Committee

The remit of the Societies Union Committee is:

  • Promote the activities of societies
  • Affiliation, re-affiliation, and disaffiliation of societies
  • Disbursement of funds to societies
  • Awarding of societies’ honours in recognition and achievement
  • Safeguarding the welfare of members
  • Enforcing and implementing code of conduct
  • Ensure members adhere to the Societies Union Handbook and all Byelaws
  • Support development of active and sustainable societies and committee members
  • Represent the interests of AUSA societies to membership of AUSA through relevant platforms


The Societies Union Committee 2019-2020 is chaired by Daniel O'Connor, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair: Vacant

  • Ordinary member: Wouter Grünewald

  • Ordinary member: Casimir De Bonneval

  • Ordinary member: Derek Gardiner

  • Ordinary member: Emily Cope

  • Ordinary member: Paul Senoyuit

  • Ordinary member: Peri Dalkic