Sports Union Committee

The remit of the Sports Union Committee is:

  • Affiliation, re-affiliation, and disaffiliation of sports clubs
  • Safeguarding of Sports Union members through implementing and enforcing member code of conduct
  • Promote and support all areas of sport and physical activity
  • Support Sports Officer in their role, gather student opinion on sports issues and act as a liaison between students and Sports Officer
  • Award commitment and performance colours, the committee choice awards
  • Support events such as Blues Ball, to unite students and celebrate student sport
  • Feed into Sports strategy
  • Safeguard welfare of members
  • Represent interests of Sports Union through relevant platforms
  • The Sports Union Committee is responsible to the Trustee Board via the Executive Committee.


The Sports Union Committee 2018-2019 is chaired by the Sports Sabbatical Officer, Niamh Barrie, and includes the following members;

 Vice Chair Physical Activity

 Mustafa Özbilgehan

 Alumni Convener

 Victoria Orr Llado

 Blues Secretary

 Joanna McDougall

 Disability Convener

 Emma Cook

 Event and Social Convener

 Charlotte Leek & Abby Martin

 First Year Rep

 Ross Lunn

 Foresterhill Representative

 Lesley Arenes

 Fundraising Convener

 Malcolm Duck

 Health & Fitness (HBHM) Convenor

 Reem Al-Queaisi

 Intermural Sport (IMS) Convenor


 Publicity Convener

 Iona Fotheringham

 Travel Convener

 Senalp Canlibel