Sports Union Committee

The remit of the Sports Union Committee is:

  • Promote and support all areas of sport and physical activity.  
  • Affiliation, re-affiliation, and disaffiliation of Sports Clubs. 
  • Safeguard the welfare of members.  
  • Support the Vice President for Sports in their role, gather student opinion on sports issues, and act as a liaison between students and Vice-President for Sports. 
  • Support events such as the annual Sports Ball, to unite students and celebrate student sport.
  • Feed into the University’s Institutional Sports Strategy.
  • Represent interests of the Sports Union through relevant platforms, including Student Council.


The Sports Union Committee 2021-2022 is chaired by the Vice President for Sport, Adam Lambert, and currently includes the following positions and members;

  • Vice-Chair: Dakota Hughes
  • Alumni Convenor: Vacant
  • Blues & Colours Convenor: Zak Parsons
  • Event Convener: Satu Astikainen
  • Fundraising Convenor: Vacant
  • Intramural Sport Convenor: Vacant
  • Academic Inclusion Convenor: Vacant
  • Minority Inclusion Convenor: Eitan Godsi
  • Media Convenor: Christopher Hempton
  • Performance Sport Convenor: Harnam Mann
  • Welfare Convenor: Abdulai Amulugu Mohammed

Committee Minutes 

There are no minutes available at this time.