Welfare Committee

The remit of the Welfare Committee is:

  • Promote student welfare, advice and support services available.  
  • The Vice-Chair shall be responsible for liaising with other interest groups, increasing cross-collaboration and engagement. 
  • Develop and implement welfare policy with approval from Student Council.
  • Campaign on welfare issues, including but not limited to, wellbeing, health, student safety and housing issues.
  • Liaise with other Standing Committees for joint projects. 
  • Support and work with student-led welfare projects and initiatives. 
  • Represent views of students through relevant platforms. 
  • Organise activities, awareness-raising events such as, but not limited to, Mental Health Awareness Week. 
  • Ensure activities, initiatives and services related to students’ welfare are accessible to all, especially minority groups.


The Welfare Committee 2021-2022 is chaired by the Vice President for Welfare, Ivana Drdáková, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair of Welfare: Sophie Levine
  • Foresterhill Representative: Vacant
  • First Year Representative: Vacant 
  • Ordinary members (x5): Martin Le Brech, Mhairi Jervis, Magnus Hogenni, Scott Hasell, and Solvej Andersen

In-Attendence members:

  • Nightline Co-Ordinator(s)
  • CASE Representative
  • Qatar Campus Representative
  • AUSA Representative (Staff)

Committee Minutes 

There are no minutes available at this time.