Welfare Committee

The remit of the Welfare Committee is:

  • Promote student welfare, advice, and support
  • Develop welfare policy with approval from student council
  • Campaign on welfare issues
  • Liaise with other Standing Committees and support joint institutions
  • Support and work with student-led welfare services and initiatives
  • Represent views of students through relevant platforms


The Welfare Committee 2018-2019 is chaired by the Welfare Sabbatical Officer, Harry Chalklin, and includes the following members;

 First Year Rep  Martin Le Brech
 Vice-Chair  Andrea Hernandez
 Foresterhill Rep  Sabrina Tove Lawson-Mcdowall
 Ordinary Member  Hamish Munro
 Ordinary Member  Winter Estabrook
 Ordinary Member  Angie Beltran Rodriguez
 Ordinary Member  Anna Lindfors
 Ordinary Member  Emily Keal
 Ordinary Member  Julie Claustre
 Ordinary Member  Leah Hillari
 Ordinary Member  Tomas Pizarro-Escuti
 Ordinary Member  Carmen Ensminger
 Ordinary Member  Magnus Hogenni
 Ordinary Member  Maria Cachobarraza