Welfare Committee

The remit of the Welfare Committee is:

  • Promote student welfare, advice, and support
  • Develop welfare policy with approval from student council
  • Campaign on welfare issues
  • Liaise with other Standing Committees and support joint institutions
  • Support and work with student-led welfare services and initiatives
  • Represent views of students through relevant platforms


The Welfare Committee 2019-2020 is chaired by the Welfare Sabbatical Officer, Alexander Acheampong, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair of Welfare: Anna Lindfors
  • Foresterhill rep: Anushka
  • Ordinary member: Magnus Robertson
  • Ordinary member: Michael Crosbie
  • Ordinary member: Julia Marcinkowska
  • Ordinary member: Maria Annasdatter Kvarving
  • Ordinary member: Matias Pietari Osipow
  • Ordinary member: Michael Akowuah
  • Ordinary member: Magnus Hogenni