Disabled Students' Forum

The Disabled Students’ Forum is a space for all self-defining disabled students to be represented and to allow them to campaign on issues affecting disabled students in AUSA, Aberdeen University and beyond. Campaigning on issues like ensuring access to DSA; that AUSA and University buildings and events are accessible; fighting against cuts nationally, locally and on campus. The disabled students’ forum also allows for a place for disabled students to meet and support one another. Please come along and get involved if you self-define as disabled, whether your disability is invisible or visible everyone is welcome to be a part of the campaign.
We have a Facebook group which all self-defining disabled students are welcome to join and get involved!
The Disabled Students Forum has a Facebook page which everyone is welcome to like to keep up with our activities and campaigns. 
Contact us by emailing disabled-forum@abdn.ac.uk or messaging us on Facebook