LGBTQ Plus Students Forum

LGBTQ+ Forum

The LGBTQ+ forum was created as a safe space for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community. We organise events every week, such as game nights, craft evenings, movie screenings, and bi-weekly teas. We also have exciting karaoke nights and pub crawls!

Every year we also hold our annual Gaylidh! This is our biggest event – a night full of fun, food and ceilidh dancing.

Throughout the year we also hold bake sales and other fundraising events to raise money for the forum and LGBTQ+ charities. This includes a fundraising concert with great LGBTQ+ performers!

At the end of the year, we attend Grampian Pride together and create all sorts of events leading up to pride parade.

Everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. Everyone can attend events regardless if they are out as a LGBTQ+ person or not. We are very careful with posting pictures from events to not include anyone who is not comfortable with being on our social media.

We hope to see you at some of our events! Feel free to message us on Facebook or send us an email.


Useful resources

UK set LGBTQ+ Helpline:



We have a Facebook page which we use to promote our events and we also have a members group on facebook which you can become part of 

 Our Instagram page is @aberdeenunilgbtq

Our email is and you can sign up to our bi-weekly forum newsletter if you send us an email with your name and email address or message us on any other platform with that information