The Rector, an ancient post dating back to the foundation of the University in 1495, has been the students' main representative on the University Court since 1860.  At first the Rector was the students' ONLY representative, but in recent times has become the main representative - students' interests are further served on the Court by the President of the Students' Association.  Rectors serve for 3 years and also appoint to the Court a Rector's Assessor.

The Rector plays an important role in representing and supporting the students of the University.  The position of Rector is one that is independent of both the Students' Association and the University administration, allowing the Rector a direct relationship with the students.  One of the principle duties, which in the present case has been discharged by delegation in order to avoid any conflict of interest, is to chair the University Court - at which all major decisions are taken.  Effective representation at Court is therefore ensured by the presence not only of the Rector, but also of the President of the Students' Association and the Rector's Assessor.  The Rector holds occasional surgeries at which any student who would like to raise a particular issue or concern is welcome.  The Rector also spearheads wider campaign, both within the University and nationally, to ensure that student life at Aberdeen continues to meet the needs of all students.

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