Circus Arts & Fire Skills Society

Circus Society

Circus Society is a group for anyone wanting to learn or progress in any circus related skills, on the ground, in the air, or on fire! Your choice! No experience necessary!

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Now you've run away from home, it's clearly time to join the circus! Swing from a trapeze? Walk along a slackline? Want to learn to juggle? Play with poi and diabolo? No experience necessary! Come and have a go at anything you've ever fancied! Don’t tell your parents but we do play with fire…

Training times as follows;

Juggling: Mondays 7-9 Johnston Hall and Friday 6-8 Johnston Hall *

Acrobatics (Floor): At Inverted, times and days yet to be confirmed 

Acrobatics (Aerial): At Inverted, times and days yet to be confirmed

Acrobatics and Aerials are taught via Inverted so there is a monthly payment for classes

Juggling is free of charge

*Elphinstone Lawn on nice days (the three or four we get a year)

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