Sociology Society

Welcome to the University of Aberdeen Sociology Society!

Can you see the public issues in private troubles? Have you realised you’ve got nothing to lose but your chains? Existential crisis after every lecture you sit through? Well SocSoc is the society for you!

We run both social events from pub quizzes to movie nights to more academic ventures like talks from lecturers and post grads and exam and career support. To stay up to date follow us on Facebook ‘AUSA Sociology Society’ or our Instagram ‘@ausasocsoc’

If you are interested in running a joint event or holding a talk (open to student alike contact us here or )


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Committee 2019-2020

  • President: Dillan-James Carter (Single Honours Sociology Year 3)
  • Secretary: Ellen Gardner (Single Honours Sociology Year 3)
  • Treasurer: Eszter Gulyas (Jount Honours Business Management and Sociology Year 4)
  • Social Media Officer: Kirsty Michel (Joint Honours International Relations and Sociology Year 4)
  • Academic Liaison: Laura Pauletto (Joint Honours International Relations and Sociology Year 4)